Schools Realizing Benefits Of Windows 10 Hybrid Devices

It’s not often do we get disruptions in the field of education, but thanks to the arrival and acceptance of Windows 10 hybrid devices, schools have started reaping the benefits that these machines bring.

Also going by names like convertibles these hybrids, 2-in-1 devices offer teachers and students the combined benefits and features of a tablet and notebook in a single device.

And although they have been around for more than a decade now, it was only after the launch of Windows 8 did they break out of their niche status. And with the improvements to touch and stylus that Windows 10 provides, hybrid machines now take user experience to the next level.

Sales of these 2-in-1 devices are on track to top 58 million units annually by 2019, according to a new Gartner prediction. And this success is largely driven by the education market.

In the words of Peter Han, Microsoft vice president for OEM worldwide marketing:

“Windows 10 two-in-one devices are ideal for the classroom. With touch screens and Continuum, they have the flexibility to be used in a number of ways that best fit what the student or teacher needs. With Microsoft Edge, users can highlight and write notes directly on websites or in documents and virtual textbooks they read for school.”

As noted, several schools and education institutes in the US have now decided that convertibles are the best choice for their organizations.

Schools like Leander Independent School District in Texas, Cary Academy in North Carolina, and Oak Ridge Schools in Tennessee were early to pilot programs and migrate to convertibles, and many other are using devices like the Lenovo Yoga to replace aging desktops and notebooks.

Throw in support for features like Flash animations, enhanced stylus support and legacy desktop software, and Windows 10 is now in an ideal situation as a platform to take over the education world.

Practically, all other competitors, currently suffer from lack of one feature or another that make Microsoft’s flagship platform ideal for the classroom.

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