Windows 10 Build 15002 Packs Experimental Battery Life Improvements

Among the huge set of improvements in the recently released Windows 10 build 15002, are some tinkers to how the operating system manages the battery life of devices.

Tablets, notebooks, the such.

Microsoft detailed the battery life enhancements it has made in build 15002 in the announcement post on its official blog, confirming that it is testing out these improvements on a small set of Insiders — and if all goes according to plan, the company will have more to share sometimes next month.

It’s a longwinded process, but somebody has got to do it:

“We are running experiments on a small set of Insider devices to evaluate an upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update feature which helps improve Windows battery life. Depending on the experiment configuration, you may see one or more applications reported as “throttled” in the task manager (see insert). The experiment should have no noticeable impact on your user experience and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Please share your experience with us through the feedback hub (under “Power” category & subcategory “throttled Applications”). In support of this experiment, some of you will also see a new power slider in the battery flyout; we’re still experimenting with these power modes that this slider sets. Stay tuned for more updates mid- February 2017.”

These types of improvements are always welcome, of course.

As long as Microsoft allows users the option to opt out of these, as throttling certain processing intensive software is not something power users would want. For most other apps, however, these types of enhancements are almost a necessity these days.

Expect to hear more about this in February.

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