Windows Holographic Headsets Shown Off At CES 2017

The CES 2017 extravaganza continues with a number of companies showing off their Windows Holographic headsets, those cheap and affordable VR devices that Microsoft promised.

Promised that companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and 3Glasses would deliver.

This was announced back in October, with Redmond further explaining its strategy at a dedicated event in China before the end of the year. Basically, these HMDs, head-mounted displays, if you will, are expected to be priced $299 and up and work with $500 computers, more or less.

In fact, earlier this week, Lenovo took charge, and become the first company to showcase its headset, saying that it would cost less than $400.

And now several other companies have also done the deed, and displayed their Windows Holographic headsets at the gathering — Dell, HP, Acer and 3Glasses all had something to show.

All, save for the 3Glasses one, were in glass cases. And while the former was free for attendees to try on, it was not connected to anything. Meaning, it is impossible to get the idea of what kind of an experience to expect of these.

They all seem to have cosmetic differences, with just the 3Glasses affair showing additional hardware in the form of built-in headphones.

But the designs were different, with Dell taking the cake in style, while the Acer one looks like it might be priced at the base price of $299, judging by the design choices made.

In any case, these are here now, even if the hardware, just like the Windows Holographic platform itself, seems to lack polish.

The year is still new, though, and we will see things picking up pace on the VR front for Windows 10.


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