AMD Ryzen Launch Confirmed For February 28

Something incredible is about to happen this month! The official launch of the AMD Ryzen processors has been confirmed for February 28, in a signal that will challenge the monopoly Intel has on the market.

For the first time in many years, there is an x86 microarchitecture that is going to pose a very real threat to the CPU segment — and could potentially pave way for newer, better, and much more affordable Windows 10 devices.

From what we have been hearing, these highly competitive chips will deliver comparable performance to their Intel counterparts at a fraction of what Intel charges.

Prices apparently range from $129 for the lowest end part to $499 for the most premium model, which basically means that it will be available for around half the cost of what Intel charges at the high end, maybe even less.

And Intel certainly is feeling the heat right about now.

Word is that AMD has sent out review samples of the Ryzen chips to the press, while a number of retailers have already put the CPUs out for preorder.

A price cut from Intel is now pretty much a certainty, but whether that comes too little, too late remains to be seen. Of course, official numbers will soon be with us, but from the leaked details this much is clear that AMD has a winner at hand.

For the industry, though, this is something that is going to be a gamechanger, and will definitely drive down prices of Windows 10 hardware to more competitive levels.

What kind of an impact the arrival of these new chips has on proceedings will soon be revealed, but we are sure of one thing now — things have not been this exciting in the PC space for decades.

The comeback is very much real!

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