You Can Now Create Sticky Notes From The Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Sticky Notes app in the Windows Store, and this new version now allows Windows 10 users to create notes straight from the taskbar.

The Stick Notes app is, of course, an important part of the Windows Ink experience that made its debut with the Anniversary Update. And now with the Creators Update on the horizon, this handy little application is now even more in focus.

It is a simple application that can basically be used to create digital Post-It notes, but with Windows Ink, of course. Cortana can also be used to create reminders here.

This new update adds a number of new features, including the ability to create notes via the jump list in the taskbar. Here is the full changelog that Microsoft has published for the application:

  • We like to make it as easy as possible for you to capture all your notes, big or small, so we’ve added the ability to create a new note straight from the jump list.
  • We’ve changed our font from Segoi UI Emoji to Segoe UI for a few different reasons, the most important being that we now support ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. An important change, we think you’ll agree.
  • Our text was doing a little dance when you tried to resize your notes. It’s taken its dancing shoes off now and will stay still as you resize.
  • We’ve made a few little UI adjustments to the upgrade prompt, such as removing the Later button. You’ll now find a neat little X in its place.
  • Finally, we made a few adjustments so that the app will be speedier at launch. Enjoy!

Good stuff.

Obviously, this is the UWP app, and not the older desktop software program that many are familiar with, which actually looks something like this:

Anyway, this update for the Windows 10 application can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

If you use this app, or plan on using it, you can take a look at this latest update here.

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