End Of Support For Windows 10 Original Version Pushed To May

Microsoft sure has a way with extensions. Particularly in the cases with mounting pressure. Such as this end of support for the original, RTM version of Windows 10.

Redmond had previously penciled a date in March.

But now the software giant has updated the TechNet article, saying that version 1507 will no longer be service in May, though the company has not actually provided a specific date. Which is somewhat generous from the company, as this original version was supposed to reach end of life on March 26.

In an ideal world, the software titan likes to only support the two latest versions of Windows 10 at once.

And since it had announced that Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is version 1607, would be coming to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) on January 26, the countdown was obviously on for March 26.

Supporting multiple versions of the operating system means that the company has to release updates for all of them every month.

You may not realize that version 1507, or RTM build 10240, what have you, still gets updated every month on Patch Tuesday. Most consumer machines have already been upgraded to the Anniversary Update, and many a business are, too.

Microsoft wants all of these users to make the move to a newer version of the OS to make patching easier, and decrease fragmentation.

But it looks like it was asked by some organizations to delay it a little, hence this extension.

Oh well, two extra months.

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