First Windows 10 Cloud Screenshots Leak

And they provide no surprises! Windows 10 Cloud has been in the news lately, with a number of details for this new SKU of the operating system being circulating in the media.

Word is that this new OS shares many similarities with Windows RT.

Including being limited to just running Windows Store apps.

And now a trusted source has come across a few screenshots of this operating system, which are sure to bring back memories of the failed Windows RT for those that used that version of the OS for ARM based devices.

Case in point, this message is very similar to what Surface RT users got when they attempted to install a traditional Win32 software programs. It clearly states that this version of Windows is made to run Store apps only.

Another image shows resizable Store apps, which is, obviously, something that Windows RT lacked. All of the Store apps for that version of Windows were designed to run in fullscreen — despite the fact that it did come with a separate desktop environment.

Albeit, one that was mainly used for the Office RT apps.

This next screenshot is interesting, as it has Evernote open, and we can see Project Centennial apps running. These are Win32 software applications that have been converted for the Store.

We also have a watermark that claims that this is Windows 10 Pro build 15019, and the report says that it confirmed the edition of Windows as Cloud via the Registry Editor. Meaning, while all other aspects doe tie in with what we have been hearing, this Pro designation does raises some confusion.

But perhaps, Microsoft did not want to confirm this new SKU of Windows 10 just yet.

We’re bound to hear more about this, now that the cat is out of the bag!

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