iPad Losing Ground Fast, As Windows 10 Tablets Keep Growing

Things are finally starting to heat up as Microsoft would have wanted. Latest reports reveal that Windows 10 tablets are finding notable success, at the expense of Apple iPad, in particular.

Microsoft’s operating system has now gotten very close to Apple, which continues to lose ground every single quarter.

In fact, as this report from Strategy Analytics shows, both Android and iOS lost market share points in the fourth quarter of 2016. On the other hand, Windows was the only platform that improved at a substantial rate.

This is how the numbers currently stack up.

Android still remains the leader when it comes to tablets, with a share of 63% and 40.3 million devices. Apple is the runner-up, with while only managing 20.6% that is enough for 13.1 million units. Then comes Windows, solidly in third, but not all that far behind iOS.

A 16 % share, and sales of no less than 10.1 million slates is massive, massive progress.

And all this has happened, with Microsoft not even launching new Surface tablets for quite a while. As Eric Smith, Senior Analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service puts it:

“2-in-1 Tablets are a hot market segment but price remains a key factor in consumer behaviors around PC and Tablet replacement devices, which is evident in lower shipments of iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 devices in the quarter.

Apple cut prices on its iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 models but introduced no new iPad Pro models or pricing during the quarter, leading to 4% ASP decline year-on-year. Microsoft has not released a major refresh of its Surface Pro or Surface Book devices in over a year, which has given its OEM partners and other mobile-first companies a chance to catch up with high-performing, lower cost Surface clones.”

Sure, Microsoft will refresh the Surface line sometimes this year.

But the important takeaway here is that tablets and slates designed by partner companies are now flying off the shelves, which can only be great news not just for Windows 10 on tablets, but the PC industry overall.

All the while Apple saw a dip of 19% in Q4 2016, while Android went down 10%.

Windows 10 based tablets posted a notable increase of 19% during the same time frame.

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