Logitech BRIO Webcam Brings 4K, HDR, Windows Hello

All for the sweet, sweet price of $200. It’s not often that we get to talk about webcams, but the Logitech BRIO is no ordinary webcam. It’s a sophisticated beast that offers support for some neat features.

Like being the first 4K webcam in the world.

The company describes this as the most sophisticated webcam yet, and one look at the feature set practically verifies this claim. You get the highest quality desktop video experience with HDR, 4K Ultra HD video quality and 5X zoom.

On top of that, you have support for Windows Hello and other secure infrared based facial recognition applications.

Making this the perfect companion for a Windows 10 desktop.

It will allow you to easily and ideally log into your PC powered by the latest version of Windows, using just your face. Matt Perry, partner group program manager at Microsoft describes what this powerful new webcam means for consumers and enterprise users:

“Microsoft is pleased that Logitech has chosen to bring enterprise-grade security with Windows Hello facial recognition to the BRIO webcam. By qualifying BRIO with Windows Hello, Logitech is providing its consumer and enterprise customers with a Windows 10 login experience that is secure, password-free and seamless.”


The Logitech BRIO retails for $199 in the US, while the European price has been set at €239.

It is available for preorder today.

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