Microsoft Demos The Surface Dial In New Video

Quite an interesting time to showcase the Surface Dial, considering the fact that the peripheral has been available for months now. But that is what Microsoft has done in this new video.

The company has demoed the accessory that was first introduced in October 2016 as the perfect companion for the Surface Studio AIO PC.

The clip has Mollie Ruiz-Hopper of Microsoft discussing the essential features of the Surface Dial, as well as providing some basic instructions on how to best use the device. The video also goes over the pairing process that is required to use the Dial with a compatible machine.

It also describes the preloaded global controls that the Surface Dial come with, which work across apps, including media controls that work even above the lock screen. Zoom controls are available for documents and webpages, while documents get access to undo and redo.

There is even a screen brightness control that comes in handy.

And finally, details are provided on how developers can build custom functionalities for the Surface Dial into their applications — some of which are already making use of this possibility, examples being Sketchable and Staffpad.

Overall, a neat little introduction to the Surface Dial, this video.

The accessory is available from the Microsoft Store for $99.99.

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