Microsoft Tablets Remain Successful, But For How Long?

Well, it’s happened. After steady increases in sales and shipment numbers, Microsoft tablets are now showing signs of decline, as sales of the Surface Pro dropped in 2016.

But that’s what you get in the face of increased competition from third-party OEMS like Dell, HP and Lenovo that have launched their own clones similar to the Surface line. Not to mention, the fact that Microsoft has not updated the Surface range for more than a year now.

Nevertheless, as this TrendForce analysis reveals, Surface Pro sales dropped 1.4% to end up with a shipment tally of 3.89 million.

The chart:

Microsoft sits in sixth position right now, just ahead of ASUS, but the year 2017 could see both companies switch places — at least according to this forecast.

In fact, Surface tablets are expected to see a notable drop in shipments to 2.8 million this year, with their overall market share on track to come in at just 1.9% of the overall market. They currently have a much better 2.5% slice of the market.

Still, nowhere close to what market leaders Apple and Samsung manage to move in a year, but with the overall market shrinking, Microsoft will take what comes its way here.

Plus, as long as hardware partners continue finding success with their Windows tablet creations, that should help the Windows 10 platform too.

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