Redstone 3 Could Be The Last Update For Windows 10 Mobile

The last update? That’s a scary thought. But a new report claims to know about what Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 Mobile, saying that Redstone 3 could be the last update for the mobile OS.

That is quite some speculation, as far as speculations go.

But as reported on this Spanish website, Redmond is currently discussing early plans for Redstone 3, and one of the changes aimed at its mobile operating system would make this the last major update for Windows 10 Mobile.

So, does that mean the end of Microsoft’s mobile platform?

Well, let’s just say that this is a change of strategy, instead of a complete demise of a mobile operating system here. After all, Windows 10 Mobile will still receive updates and support until at least October 2018.

While according to Microsoft’s own data, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586, known as Threshold 2, will receive updates until January 9, 2018, build 14393, which is Redstone 1, is set to reach end of support on October 9, 2018.

Creators Update could extend support for Windows 10 Mobile until at least early 2019, and Redstone 3 should keep the platform further safe a little more.

However, this is where things get interesting.

With all the focus on Windows 10 ARM, this is where Microsoft is said to be pursuing further opportunities. This implementation makes it possible for the software titan to run the full Windows 10 operating system on mobile devices, including the upcoming Surface Phone.

And then there is also the Windows 10 Cloud bit, which the company is working on.

As for what Redstone 3 would bring for Windows 10 Mobile, it is said to be specifically focused on improving the UI, performance, a few features like Cortana and Continuum.

Though not everyone may get access to it, considering the fact that about half of the Windows Phone users got access to Windows 10 Mobile proper.

So, in the end while Windows 10 Mobile might reach its end with Redstone 3, it does not mean Microsoft is leaving phones. If this report is correct, this is just a pivot, a change of strategy and nothing more. Albeit one that may impact some users.

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