Why It Takes A Day For A PC To Join The Windows Insider Program

Strangely enough, even in this day and age of lightning fast automation, it still takes up to a day for a new PC to join the Windows Insider Program and start receiving new Insiders builds.

Microsoft has not specifically revealed why, but the it does have the reason stacked up somewhere.

A reason that this Microsoft watcher has seen, and shared with the world.

This is a definite reason why joining the program after a fresh install of Windows 10, or after switching branches, takes time. For some users, it can mean even a whole day, before they start receiving the new preview bits on their machines.

This is why:

As noted by Richard Hay, a Microsoft MVP since 2010, the reason for this day long wait is due to what Redmond calls a Compatibility Check that runs in the background, because there is no manual way for the process to run.

This process is what allows for a discovery of the OS architecture, whether the enrolled operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit, as well as other settings and details like build edition, languages and country.

Once that is complete, the machine is then automatically targeted for the next available flight on the selected ring — and this is something that may take up to 24 hours to complete.

So, while this tweet finally answers the question, it leaves open another one.

Can Microsoft streamline this process further for the new Windows Insiders that enroll in the program, or switch rings if they have already signed up?

More so now, when business users are being invited to sign up for this preview program.

What do you think?

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