Windows Phone Market Share Collapses To Just 0.3%

The latest Gartner data is here, confirming that Windows Phone market share continues to lose ground with each passing month. In fact, the fast pace at which it is declining is remarkable.

According to the research firm, approximately 1.1 million phones running Windows were sold in the fourth quarter of 2016 — which itself represents a decline from the 4.4 million that moved hands in the same quarter the year before.

This collapse in terms of sales had actually been evident from back then, where the mobile OS had figures of 1.1% to its name around one year back.

Here are how the numbers stack up:

Unfortunately, there are no signs of recovery for the platform.

Not when you consider the stratospheric numbers that platforms like Android and iOS have achieved during this time span. This past quarter saw no less than 352 million Android powered phones being sold, up from the 325 million in the same quarter of 2015.

Apple, meanwhile, came in with 77 million iPhone units sold, accounting for 17.9% of sales.

For fans of the Microsoft platform, though, this 0.3% confirmation simply lends more credence to rumors that the company could give up on Windows 10 Mobile after the Redstone 3 update to the mobile operating system.

Redmond may not give up on and abandon phones completely, but might put its weight behind the full version of Windows 10 on ARM based devices.

There simply is no coming back from 0.3%, folks.

If there is, it would be stuff of legends.

You agree?

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