Windows Vista Set To Be Retired In Less Than 60 Days

End of the line, shorty! In what could be a slight good news for Windows 10 adoption, Microsoft’s biggest flop, Windows Vista, has now entered its last 2 months of life.

Of course, this version of the operating system still commands a solid following.

But despite the array of some remarkable new features it brought to the table for users that were upgrading from Windows X, this OS is often referred to as the most high-profile failure for Microsoft when it comes to operating systems.

Windows Vista, after having already reached end of mainstream support on April 10, 2012, is set to cross the extended support period milestone on April 11, 2017.

What this means is that 55 days from now, Windows Vista will be retired, and Redmond will pull the plug on updates and security patches for the operating system after this date.

And yes, yes, April 11 is conveniently Patch Tuesday.

In case you were wondering.

Microsoft, of course, is recommending users to move to a new version of Windows, ideally Windows 10.

Then again, Windows 7 will also be just fine for these users, as it is set to receive updates until January 2020. Nevertheless, Windows 10 is the ideal long-term solution for users still rocking Vista.

Who are not all that many, actually.

Market share statistics provided by NetMarketShare reveal that only 0.84% of the world’s desktop are currently powered by Windows Vista, and this was a figure that was at 1.42% in April last year.

Very clear that users are steadily moving to newer versions of Windows, and this means that the demise of Windows Vista will go smoothly, unlike the Windows XP affair. Which is not all that surprising when you consider all manner of issues users encountered when they first moved to Vista.

What about you? When did you upgrade for Windows Vista?

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