Windows 10 Ads Are Unacceptable, Users Say

The criticism is coming high and low, particularly regarding Windows 10 ads, which have actually become quite a common thing these days as Microsoft is going all in.

Redmond is even showing new ads in the Start Menu of the operating system lately.

Not to mention some OneDrive promotions in the File Explorer, that got many users ticked.

And while many are okay with the occasional ad here and there, there are users that are criticism this strategy. In particular, those that have paid money to upgrade their license. They should not be seeing advertisements littered around the OS.

Anyway, more and more users are turning to the feedback platform built into Windows 10, the Feedback Hub, to complain about the ads they have started seeing in the operating system.

Many consider these ads as unacceptable, pointing out that Microsoft should not adopt such an aggressive approach against users that are running it operating platform — especially if they paid for it in the first place.

And just like every time Microsoft does something to annoy users, some of them threaten to move to Apple unless Redmond changes policy.

As one user said:

“I paid good money for this machine running a paid copy of Windows 10 Pro. You bet this ad made me angry. I’ve never been an Apple guy, but I will seriously consider trading in my X1 Yoga for a MacBook if this keeps up.”

There are several similar feedback requests, with hundreds of votes, and while Microsoft is yet to respond to these suggestions, the company had marked them as feedback received.

The ads, meanwhile, will continue it seems.

Though disabling some of these advertisements in the operating system is easy enough, and can be done via either the Settings app or the traditional desktop Control Panel.

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