Windows 10 Creators Update RTM To Release This Week?

If you’re an Insider, then you have something big to look forward to in the coming days. Word is that Microsoft will compile Windows 10 Creators Update RTM this week.

At least, that is the plan.

Windows 10 users have been looking forward to this milestone for a while now — particularly those that have been receiving the preview versions via the Windows Insider Program. Development has apparently been advancing at a fast pace lately.

Earlier reports indicated that Microsoft aimed to finalize a RTM candidate last week, and while we did not get a confirmation of that, the company did release three Redstone 2 builds this past week.

Namely, build 15058, 15060, and 15061.

All with minor version increases, and practically no improvements.

Which is a sign that Redmond is testing the final versions of the Creators Update internally, and could compile a RTM build any day now. The software titan will need to test this final build with Insiders for a few days, before rolling it out for everyone early next month, after all.

Rumor has it that a public launch is set for April 11, when the Creators Update becomes available for PC, while the whole process will extend towards the end of May.

That is when phones will get the update.

April 11 is also Patch Tuesday, so it is the right moment to ship a cumulative update with more fixes it might develop between the RTM version that gets compiled now, and the release of the Creators Update.

Not to mention, April 11 is also when Windows Vista will officially be retired.

Big moment, this.

But for now, we have the RTM build to look forward to, which is just around the corner.

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