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Onuora-Amobi-290Welcome to My name is Onuora Amobi and I am the founder and owner of this website.

I’m a former Microsoft MVP for Windows and have been writing about Microsoft Operating Systems since 2007.

I started this site for one simple reason – I wanted to create a free resource that would help people understand what Windows 10 is.

You see Windows 10 is the most comprehensive update that Microsoft have ever made to their Windows Operating Systems.

Windows 10 Product Family

The Windows 10 Product Family

Unlike Windows 7,8 or 8.1, there’s a lot more at stake with this release. I know because I wrote a best selling book about Windows 10 and some of the changes that are coming.

This section is my attempt to guide you through and help you figure out what parts of the site you might want to check out first.

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OK, so enough housekeeping, let’s get started.

Here’s what you need to to know to get started with Windows 10.

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What is Windows 10?

In this introductory section, we talk a little bit about Windows 10, what it is and why it’s so critically important for Microsoft’s future.

How many versions of Windows 10 are there?

That’s a fabulous question. This version of Windows has quite a few versions and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting to read about. We explore the various versions of Windows 10 here.

What is the Windows 10 Release Date?

On this page, we talk a little bit about when we think Windows 10 will be released based on all the news and editorials that have been published about the Windows 10 Release Date.

Where can I buy Windows 10?

On this page, we have taken the liberty of finding a few resources for you to buy Windows 10. Upon release, Windows 10 will be widely available at these retailers.

What are the minimum system requirements for an upgrade to Windows 10?

That’s a really important thing to know – can your computer handle the upgrade? Luckily we have the answers for you. Click here for Windows 10 Desktop System Requirements and Click here for Windows 10 for Phones System Requirements.

Can I upgrade my current PC or Phone to Windows 10?

That’s another really important thing you should know – if your computer or phone is supported for the Windows 10 upgrade process. On this page, we talk about what versions of Windows will be supported for an upgrade to Windows 10.

How do I learn about how to use Windows 10?

Great  question. We have some links to a bunch of resources you might like to keep handy.

  • First of all, you can start at our Windows 10 Tutorials page. We have a bunch of Windows 10 tutorials that will keep you busy learning all the great new features of this Operating System.
  • Next, you can go to our Windows 10 Training page. This page will link to some online training resources that will also give you more guidance on using Windows 10.
  • You should also check out our Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts page to get a feel for some of the ways to use Windows 10 more efficiently

Where can I get good Windows 10 Books?

Once again, we have that covered.

Inside Windows 10 pdfYou can start with our eBook “Inside Windows 10 – an early look at Microsoft’s Newest Operating System”. This is one of the earliest and most comprehensive Windows 10 Books on the market. It’s available for direct PDF download here and here on

Next, you can check out our Windows 10 Book page and our Windows 10 eBook page where we will be highlighting the best books and eBooks that deal with Windows 10.

Where can I find Windows 10 Applications?

Windows 10 is an exciting new Operating System and there are going to be a TON of new apps available at Microsoft’s application store. The new improved app store from Microsoft will have tons of apps for a wide range of Microsoft devices.

We also have a Windows 10 application directory. If you’re a Windows developer with an app to share, you can list it on our Application Directory for free. You’ll have a ton of eyeballs interested in trying out your application.

Where can I find Windows 10 professionals or a Windows 10 Job?

If you’re a Microsoft IT professional or an employer, Windows 10 is going to create a tremendous amount of opportunities for you this year. We have created a dedicated Windows 10 Job Board dedicated to helping both employers and job hunters.

  • Employers will be able to find talented Microsoft trained resources.
  • Job seekers will be able to search for Microsoft Windows 10 jobs here.

Head over here to check out our Windows 10 Jobs

How can I stay in touch with the Windows 10 community?

Windows 10 is an exciting new Operating System and it’s important that you try and stay involved.

  • As we said above, Signing up for our Newsletter is the best way of staying connected to the latest Windows 10 News and Updates.
  • Also you can join our Windows 10 Facebook Page and share some of your Windows 10 experiences. We share exciting news and updates about Windows 10 on here.
  • Join our Windows 10 Forums and start to participate with others. If you have questions about Windows 10, this is probably the place where you want to ask them and help answer them as well.


Windows 10 is coming and is a tremendous source of excitement and opportunity for all of us in the Microsoft community.

I’m thrilled that I can help you stay plugged in to this new technology.

If you want to stay in touch with me I would love that. I can be reached via our contact form or via my Twitter page.

Thanks for reading our stuff!
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