Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser from Microsoft.

The browser was formerly called Project Spartan for a while and Microsoft tested and settled on Edge.

So what happened to Internet Explorer?

Absolutely nothing.

Microsoft Edge does not replace Internet Explorer. It’s just a newer more updated browser that Microsoft would prefer Windows 10 users to use.

Internet Explorer 11 remains in Windows 10 for users who would like a legacy experience.

Why did Microsoft want a new Browser?

Great question. The answer is simple. It was time.

Internet Explorer was 20 years old (1995 to present).

In addition, the web has changed and there was a need to adapt to new experiences on the web.

Microsoft wanted a new browser that wouldn’t be burdened by all the considerable baggage that IE had accumulated over the years and would also be able to take advantage of some of the newer functionality in Windows 10.

What does the Edge Browser look like?

Here’s a picture.

Microsoft Edge final

Microsoft Edge final

This shows what a web page rendered in Microsoft Edge looks like. Click for a larger view.

Now there are some important distinctions about Microsoft Edge that you should know about.

Built for the Future

This browser has been built with an eye to the future.

  • Free from legacy Internet Explorer extensibility points
  • Built on top of modern security protections
  • Able to launch Internet Explorer 11 when needed

Number of enhancements

Microsoft Edge has over 4258 interoperability improvements to Edge over Internet Explorer. This makes it way more of a contemporary browser than IE ever was.

Built for Windows 10

This browser was specifically built to leverage the power of Windows 10. Here are some of those advantages.

  • Built on the Universal Windows Platform
  • Updated frequently, along with Windows 10
  • Manageable through Group Policy, Mobile Device Management

You can write on and share web pages

This is by far the most interesting feature of Microsoft Edge.

In addition to cutting edge browsing and mobile compatibility, Edge allows you to write and draw on web pages!

In the top menu, you can click on Make a Web Note.

Make a Web Note

Make a Web Note

A secondary menu opens up.

Web Notes - Secondary Menu

Web Notes – Secondary Menu

This menu has several items.

  • Pen
  • Marker
  • Eraser
  • Notes
  • Clip

With these items you can write or annotate on a web page.

Sample Annotations

Sample Annotations

As you can see, I have used the pen, marker and created a note as well on the web page.

You can also send the image you are happy with to OneNote or your Reading List from the share menu.

Edge Share Menu

Edge Share Menu

The bottom line is that Microsoft Edge brings a more contemporary web experience to Windows 10.

Built on the Universal Windows Applications platform, it will be used across devices and will present a pleasant and consistent user experience for users.

Next, I will walk you through a very exciting new development in Windows 10 – Cortana.

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