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The perfect tool for optimizing your article headlines!

BY Onuora Amobi, March 24, 2016 11:00 AM

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Thrive Headline Optimizer

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WordPress Plugin




Thrive Themes have come up with an amazing new plugin that allows you to test your headlines in real time to find the most engaging ones and guarantee engagement and conversions with your audience!

Creating the right article headline isn't easy..

Did you know five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy?

When you're writing an article, creating a perfect and engaging headline is critical for getting your readers to stop and pay attention.

Most bloggers have gone through this cycle before. They spend over an hour writing and perfecting an article, press "publish" and do a victory dance, only to have it turn to a fit of frustration hours later because they STILL don't have a single comment or social media share?

This happens all the time and it's not fair. But this isn't about fairness, it's about engagement.

This is happening because their headlines aren't captivating your audience to click.

A good headline can make the difference between a post no one cares about and a post getting thousands of clicks, social shares and massive visitor engagement.

The good folks at Thrive Themes have come up with a way to take the risk out of creating good catchy headlines!

They created Thrive Headline Optimizer, a plugin that helps you test different variations of your headlines in real time and only go with the versions that create engagement!​

So how does Thrive Headline Optimizer work?

It's incredibly simple really - it's just two steps.

Step 1: With the template the plugin provides, write as many different headlines for your article as you can think of.

Step 2: ​Start your testing and let Thrive Headline Optimizer take care of the rest.

You see the plugin shows the headlines you came up with to different users when they come to your website.

Based on the their engagement levels, statistically relevant tests are run, data is gathered and the plugin automatically starts to display the winning headline to your visitors to maximize engagement.

So what are the features of Thrive Headline Optimizer?

Here are some of the unique features of this new plugin...

Simple A/B Testing

Use real data to get the most effective headline for your article or story.

Test in Bulk

You can even optimize all your existing content at once to see better results.

Detailed Metrics

Get a comprehensive look at the existing data to see how your headlines perform.

Engagement Report

Get a high level summary report to show you overall engagement site-wide.

Set and Forget

You can even come up with automatic settings that apply to all your headlines.

Super easy to learn

This tool is designed for all levels of engagement. You don't need to be an expert.

WooComerce tested

You can even test your WooCommerce product names to optimize them.

What are the benefits of using Thrive Headline Optimizer?


The Thrive Headline Optimizer algorithms only focus on the most important engagement indicators: click through rate, time spent on content and scrolling.

And you as the user have complete control over EVERYTHING. Decide which metrics you want to test, how they are tested and how many tests you want to run. There are no limits.

This guarantees you have the right information you need to actually give your readers what they are looking for!​

This is a plugin that is long overdue in the Wordpress marketplace and I strongly recommend!​


Thrive Themes have taken a stab at solving an age old problem for blog writers - creating engaging headlines. An extremely good attempt for the first iteration and I expect it will only get better with subsequent versions...


The Good Stuff:
  • Good attempt to solve serious problem
  • Rock solid reliability from a vendor who has been around for a while...
The Bad Stuff:
  • First version of the plugin
  • Looking forward to having the plugin actually generate the headlines...