Windows 10 Consulting

Windows 10 Consulting

It’s time to start thinking about how to deploy Windows 10

Windows 10 Consulting

Time to start project planning…

Believe it or not, as a business owner or systems manager, it’s time to get ready for Windows 10.

Yes I know that most businesses typically wait until Service Pack 1 or 2 of a Microsoft release before they even start thinking about deploying a version of Windows but this time, I can assure you that things are going to be a little different.

My name’s Onuora Amobi and I own and run this site. I’m a former Microsoft MVP for Windows and have been in the IT space for close to 20 years.

I’m also the author of the bestselling book Inside Windows 10 – an early look at Microsoft’s newest Operating System”.

I’ve been covering Windows since 2007 (Vista) and I can tell you, Windows 10 is the most radically different Operating System that Microsoft have ever put together.

The primary reason for that statement is that Windows 10 is more of a service ecosystem than a traditional Operating System.

The typical Microsoft Windows release consists of a desktop Operating System and maybe a Windows Server OS as well.

For Windows 10, Microsoft will be releasing a slew of hardware and software that requires businesses to take a step back and be more strategic about deploying this new Operating System.

Now we also offer Windows 10 training and Windows 10 Tutorials on this site but for now, I wanted to share some reasons why businesses need to start getting ready for Windows 10 right now.

Windows 10 is an ecosystem.

Windows 10 Product Family

Windows 10 Product Family

I mentioned it before but it needs restating. This is not your average desktop refresh. Your business will need to understand what the new components of Windows 10 are and how they can all fit together cohesively to support your business.

Do your employees use Windows tablets or phones? Should they? Should you have a Surface Hub in every conference room? What about embedded solutions or the Windows 10 for the Internet of Things?

You need to make sure you understand the comprehensive nature of the ecosystem as soon as possible so that you can start planning to make strategic upgrades instead of tactical ones.

Windows 10 licensing will be different

Windows 10 Licensing

Windows 10 Licensing

On the site we have talked ad nauseam about Windows 10 being a free upgrade for consumers, at least for the first 12 months. This will not necessarily be the case for businesses.

Your Windows licensing options will vary based on the amount of seats you have and the type of license(s) you purchased in the past. As we said above, Windows 10 will be different.

Based on the nature of the ecosystem, you actually might be able to SAVE money based on smart deployments, replacing infrastructure items and working with Microsoft to implement an integrated package.

You need someone who can help you figure out what makes sense.

Vendor Selection

Windows 10 Project Plan

Windows 10 Project Plan

If you decide to upgrade your versions of Windows, you may want to find an implementation partner to help you implement the plan or supplement your IT staff.

You need to know what questions to ask and how to properly screen this potential partner.

Depending on the number of devices and upgrades you will be dealing with, you want to make sure you are working with a partner who knows what the heck they are doing the first time around.

This is going to be new for a lot of consulting companies and you definitely don’t want to be the guinea pig upgrade for them.

We can help you ask the right questions.

Windows 10 Applications

Visual Studio 2015 for Windows 10 applications

Visual Studio 2015 for Windows 10 applications

You or your people need to start learning about designing and implementing applications for Windows 10 and how the concept of Universal Applications may be a good thing for your developers to know.

Maybe you outsource application development or you have a team of developers working for you and building applications for you.

Understanding how Microsoft is making application development more efficient may save you a lot of money in the medium to long term.

Especially if you are supporting multiple versions of applications right now and spending a lot of money to do so.

Going Mobile

Cortana on a Windows Phone

Cortana on a Windows Phone

Every time Microsoft comes up with a new version of Windows, there’s talk about end users starting to go mobile and use apps on their devices but in most organizations, BYOD is the state of play.

Employees are bringing their devices to work and now you have to figure out whether to implement cross platform business solutions or make them use one vendor’s hardware.

It’s time to take a second look at Microsoft’s mobile suite and make decisions about whether a uniform implementation of hardware (phones, tablets, laptops and 2-in-1’s) could end up being a more efficient model for your company.

These are some of the ROI discussions you and your teams should be discussing now. We can guide your teams through the strategic planning necessary to make these decisions.

Enterprise Security

Microsoft Windows Hello

Microsoft Windows Hello

Windows 10 will bring novel new ways to secure your corporate data.

From Windows Hello to drive level encryption, this new Operating System will be laser focused on keeping your data secure and keeping the bad guys away.

We’ve all seen what happened to Sony and it’s a lesson that all companies need to learn – there are serious threats out there and security is an important part of your implementation.

We can help walk you through some of the things you should be thinking about and possible steps you need to take to plan for a secure Windows deployment.

Windows 10 Infrastructure upgrades

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub

In addition to software, there might be some opportunities for you to make some smart hardware upgrades as well.

Have you heard about the Microsoft Surface Hub? The Surface Hub features a 55 inch and 84-inch 4K display with support for multi-touch and pen input.

You can hold video conferences while scribbling on the whiteboard, for instance. (Microsoft seems to be aiming Surface Hub at businesses and conference rooms.)

The massive screen also includes dual cameras, microphones, and a wide array of “advanced sensors,” Microsoft says, though it’s not yet sharing full details on all that’s inside Surface Hub.

The Surface Hub is technically a Windows 10 device, but has a totally customized new user experience which could make your employees more productive.

Maybe you need to think about putting these in every conference room in your company to make employee meetings more efficient and leverage the new Windows 10 investment you’re about to make?

We can do a detailed ROI analysis for you.

Bottom line – there’s a lot to think about and we can help

There’s a lot more to think about but you get the point.

If your company is beginning to think about some of these things and needs some strategic help, we would love to help.

Our consultants will be happy to sit down with you and work through some of the challenges your company may be facing from planning and vendor selection all the way through testing, training and deployment.

If this sounds like something your company might be interested in, use the form below and one of our consultants will get back to you within one business day.

Fill out my online form.

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