Windows 10 Wallpapers

Windows 10 Wallpapers

Welcome to our Windows 10 Wallpapers page.

We have put together a collection of desktop backgrounds and Windows wallpapers that will make it easy to keep your PC in tune with your mood.

Check out the wide selection of Windows wallpapers we have assembled from all around the web. Feel free to pick the ones you like, right click on the full sized image and download it.

From breathtaking natural wonders, movies and entertainment to dazzling works of art, you should easily be able to find an image that moves you and make it yours.

What is a Windows 10 wallpaper?

On a computer with a primary user interface that can be called a desktop (even on a mobile device with a large enough screen), wallpaper is the background pattern or picture against which desktop menus, icons, and other elements are displayed.

These images can be in JPEG, PNG or GIF file formats.

Wallpaper are most commonly used in Microsoft Windows but can be found in other Operating Systems like Macs or Linux systems as well.

While most computers come with basic several pre-installed wallpaper, users can also choose to download and install third-party wallpapers instead.

We have the most comprehensive repository of Windows 10 wallpapers on the web.

Windows 10 Wallpapers

The following is a list of the Windows 10 Wallpapers we have on the site.

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